Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Focus

I recently completed this lioness. It was a fairly pivotal piece as it was different from anything I had painted to date. I hadn't attempted to capture an animal on canvas before, scared of my subject not having life. The title has two meanings: 1) the subject most certainly has the target "in focus" and 2) it was painted at a time in my life where I felt things were coming into focus for me personally.


  1. WOW Nikki.. this picture is soooo amazing. You are truly a talented person with all that you do. I am so impressed with your artistic abilities. We miss you guys. Give Morgan a big kiss for us. Love Viv and the gang.

  2. gorgeous. you were already inspirational to me, but now you're just over the top! i had no idea you were sooo gifted w/ art.

  3. Great eyes! Love how you got her sneaking in the tall grass.

  4. Heisann!
    Marvelous composition, the distinct cutting is reflecting the animal strength... and lovely colors