Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jellies Tickling Bellies

Inspired by a friends illustrations for children's books, I recently attempted a more whimsical painting. My son, Morgan, has only very recently moved into his own bedroom, so what better way to make it inviting than to colour the walls with appealing pictures. My husband plays a tickling jelly fish game with him and hence the idea. I envision this as the first painting in a series of marine creatures and children interacting, perhaps ultimately in the "Octopus' Garden". This is why I had the idea that the kids would be using the jellies as parachutes ...the jelly just couldn't resist that tummy for a tickle opportunity though!


  1. Despite the fact that this is a cartoon, the characterization is so strong that I feel like I'm looking at Morgan in a couple of years.

    Art meets biology - I love it!

  2. So much joy in this pic - and such an unusual idea. Lovely.